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Friday, July 31, 2009

Bromont World Cup - Qualy's

Today was race day #1, aka Qualifying. With yesterday being so nice and sunny during the day the course had dried up considerably. Today was a different story. It rained all morning and then sporadically in the early afternoon, and finally started to clear up this evening. I had been looking forward to a dry-ish course today and was a little less than excited at first about getting muddy and wet yet again, but as soon as I was out there I forgot about all of that and started having a whole lot of fun sliding around in the mud! Yes I was doing some sliding around, and it wasn't all on my tires in my first run.
Second run was much better - I met up with fellow BC racer Simon Garstin half way down the course and followed him into road gap farther down the course. It'd been playing with my mind until then - I crashed hard going into it in the Canada Cup race a month ago, and was hoping to give it a go again in the dry. It didn't go perfectly well, but it went well enough! I hit it again my next run and it went even better, so I was feeling good about the course and ready for my qualifying run.

I'm #22 this race, which meant that I was the 22nd girl down the hill in Qualifying. Our race numbers are based on our overall World Cup ranking. The benefit to being in the top 20 for the girls and top 80 for the guys is that they get extended practice every day. Anyways, my qualy run went well all in all! Not perfect, because they never are, but it was clean and I stuck most of my lines. In the end I came in 12th, which I'm super happy about and really hoping to improve on for tomorrow...
And the forecast for tomorrow - SUN! I'll believe it when I see it! :)

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