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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another Rainy Day

The last few days have been wonderfully dry but this morning I woke up to the familiar sound of raindrops on the window. I had a couple things on the agenda for today but managed to make it out for a nice refreshing and very wet morning ride. I was a little rushed for time so it was just a lower lap for me today - Pipeline to Lower Skull. Pipeline was one of the first trails I ever rode on Fromme and probably the trail I've ridden most on that mountain, and I always enjoy going back to it.
My legs were a little tired on the climb today. Maybe it was from the little run I went on last night (not a runner), or because I've pedalled up Fromme a few times in the past 5 days. It was a shorter climb though so not too bad, and the ride down was more than worth it (as always).

Other than a little run in with a very solid tree it was a good clean run. Up and down in just over an hour - perfect little ride!

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