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Monday, October 19, 2009


Today was an absolutely perfect fall day here in North Van. I had hoped to be working but since that didn't quite work out, I made the most of the beautiful weather and headed up Fromme for another good workout and to make another attempt at riding Executioner/Dreamweaver - the trail I'd managed to get lost trying to ride the last couple of times up there.

Third times must be charmed, because I found it this time. Not sure why it was so difficult the previous two times. Maybe by the time I'd pedaled my way up that far (not that it's really all that far, but I haven't been doing a whole lot of anti-gravity riding lately) all my blood was in my rosy red cheeks instead of my brain so I wasn't thinking clearly. Anyways, I'm glad I found it today - it was awesome!
Executioner crosses a couple of creeks, so there are some nice little bridges to ride over. I always find those spots the most scenic and peaceful - listening to the water run down the rocks, seeing little waterfalls, and usually there's a bit more mist (on wet days) around as well, making it seem almost magical.

Whoever made the sign for Dreamweaver did a great job and put it in a rather interesting spot on the trail. I think most people probably don't even see it, because you have to actually stop and turn around to see the sign. The above picture is looking backwards on the bridge I just crossed, and the sign is hanging above it.

Now that I have rediscovered the trail hopefully I'll make it there more often. Not that getting lost is so horribly bad, but when it results in a hike-a-bike I'm not as excited about it - I'd rather ride than walk!

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