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Monday, October 19, 2009

Playing in my Backyard

In the past week I've gone out on a few pedals up Fromme, which isn't exactly what my DH race bike was made to do but considering it's such a light weight DH bike it's not really all that tortuous of a climb. I wouldn't call it easy, but hopefully the more I do it the easier it'll get.

The first of these Fromme rides was a solo mission. I guess I haven't ridden Fromme enough lately, because I got myself completely lost and ended up on a 3 hr ride/hike. Still fun of course!
Next time I went with Bryden and didn't have much more luck than my previous time - I thought I started us off in the right place this time, but once again got lost. We managed to make it out in a more reasonable amount of time though - only a 2 hr ride this time.

Then this past week the fall/winter rains came. Aaaahh.... now we are into the typical North Shore wet riding over slippery roots and ladders. Thankfully it's still decently warm out, and for me being wet isn't so bad as long as I'm not cold at the same time.

Bryden and I got out this past weekend on a couple of rides. Both were squeezed in at the end of the day so we were fighting daylight with speed... we won, but it was close.

Bryden looking content covered in mud near the end of our Fromme ride on Saturday. Sunday we made it out to Cypress, and were lucky enough to have our own shuttler - my dad! We did a quick run down Mystery DH and then a 2nd lap down Slippery Canoe/Wild Cherry/Roaches. I got us a little lost again on lap #2... quite the trend I'm making for myself. But we had an awesome ride and made it out just as it was getting difficult to see in the trees, so really it was perfect timing.

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