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Monday, December 21, 2009

Mid December?

Hard to believe it's almost Christmas and the trails are almost completely snow free! Bryden and I went out for a couple of laps on Cypress this past weekend - first lap on Wild Cherry, second lap on Mystery DH. It wasn't too cold, it wasn't too wet, and it most certainly did not feel like winter.

Above is Bryden checking out the "cherry bomb". In my opinion it's one of the coolest rocks on Cypress - a fairly short but very steep rock roll. I always like to stop and look at it before riding it, and always think it looks almost too steep to ride... it gives me a bit a nice little adrenaline rush every time!

And there's B riding it, just a blur of orange.

That's all the pics I have from that ride. I planned on taking way more but the act of having to stop riding to take a picture is sometimes quite difficult to do! It was an awesome ride! Thanks James for shuttling us!!!

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