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Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Bike!! And Port Alberni DH Race

The time has come, the time is now... Yes, racing season has begun! This past weekend was my first race of the season and I'm pretty happy with how it went. It was a fun race... well, I guess they're all fun! But it wasn't a BC Cup or Canada Cup race. It was the 2nd race in the Island Cup DH Series, a more relaxed, laid back series on Vancouver Island. It took place in Port Alberni which is a course that I've ridden a few times before and love!

Before I get into how the race went I just have to show off some pictures of my new bike!

I've been sitting on my frame for months now, and to finally have all the parts and be able to put it together was very exciting! James and Arthur from SuspenWerx and my wonderful man Bryden put in a solid day of bike building a couple of weekends ago. I rode it a couple of times and then brought it back to the SuspensionWerx garage to fine tune the settings before setting off to the Island this past weekend. It felt fast right off the bat but I was having a hard time finding the sweet spot in terms of balance, and I had a couple of good over the bars crashes which was a bit disheartening. After having my suspension and bike settings fine tuned and it was dialed in properly it felt amazing! I can't believe how much of a difference having proper working suspension makes, and James and Arthur definitely know the in's and out's of what they're doing!

Also very excited about my new jersey! Thanks to Phil at CycleComponentNetwork for orchestrating that!

So to the race.... The course is a decent length, with top men's times coming in around 4 minutes and only a few women finishing the course in under 5 minutes. The top is a bit more technical and steep, and the rest of the course is flowy, fast, and smooth with lots of bermed corners and a few jumps along the way. Pretty much everyone I talked to was loving the course!
Bryden looking fast on his new 951!

Some other riders...

Me in my race run.

The weather cooperated and we had a nice tacky course with only a few muddy bits. I managed to get 2 ½ race runs in on Saturday and one flat tire... not ideal but I still had a great day! Sunday we got there bright and early, and were in fact the very first ones there. We managed to get 2 shuttles up the mountain before the crowds really started to come and then one more a bit later in the morning. I was feeling pretty good about how my bike was feeling and was loving the course, and to finish it off with a clean race run was definitely satisfying. I managed to finish 2nd behind Seana (the local ripper). 3rd place was fellow Canadian DH Girl Rebecca McQueen, and 4th was Kjersten Lone.

Hmmm... so what did I learn from this race? Don't forget to pack a first aid kit (sorry Bryden!). Pedal hard in those flat sections!! Bring more tubes. And getting a professional to set up your bike is most definitely worth it!

Next race: Sunshine Coaster this weekend!!

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  1. Great beginning for the season Trigger!
    Your Green-Go-Girl's Buddy just needs to be inspired with a Go-for-it name.
    Love you both!!