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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Prodigal Blog

It's been a while!  I thought for a while there that I'd lost my blog but very thankfully it was still out there in cyberspace somewhere, I just had to dig a little to find it! Yay!

So we're apparently in the summer season but other than the last few days it really has been a very slow start to the summer.  It's been pretty rainy and cool... a few nice warm sunny days in there but nothing that seems to want to last.  But, fingers crossed, I think the spring that lasted forever is gone and summer is now here!
A pre-season photo shoot with Blissful Light Photo

I've done two races so far this season: an Island Cup race in Port Alberni, and the first in the Canada Cup series in Tremblant, QC.  The P.A. race is a super fun one, great course and good atmosphere.  The weather was awesome during practice on Friday/Saturday, and then poured for everyone on race day.  I was pretty happy to have a clean run (i.e. no crashes - was very very muddy at the end of it) and since there were not actually any other girls competing I stood on top of a lonely podium.  That was my first time really getting a feel of my M9 at speed, and it feels gooooood!!!  My Canadian DH Girls post on it is here.

The following weekend it was off to Quebec for a much larger race, the Canada Cup.  I went from being the only girl to being one of 12 girls in the Elite category.  The course at Tremblant is very very rough and rocky and it was a challenge to find flow through some of the technical sections.  Everything about my bike felt amazing though, and I'm so glad I had my trusty M9 to smooth out some of those rough bits.  I ended up crashing in my race run which is always a bit disappointing, but still ended up top 5!  Overall it was a great weekend and I have to say a special thanks to Outdoor Gear Canada for their support that weekend - we had the prime pit spot the entire time!  Once again, my Canadian DH Girls post on it is here.

A little bike ride with my little sis

Next up is the Island Cup Final in Port Alice, and before I know it it'll be off to Quebec again for the 2nd Canada Cup in Bromont!

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