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Monday, July 4, 2011


After many many days patiently waiting for summer to arrive, Bryden and I decided we'd take matters into our own hands and go find summer ourselves.  This past weekend was Canada Day long weekend and also happened to be a race free one, so we spontaneously packed up our bags, hopped in the car, and drove to a very summery location - Osoyoos.

It was a bit of an adventure just getting there.  We left at 9am with visions of being on the beach by early afternoon.  We took the more scenic Hwy 7 and halfway to Hope found ourselves at the scene of a single car accident that had just happened.  Emergency crews had literally just arrived and since they completely blocked off the road we stood around and watched some of the action.  After a while it was clear that traffic was not going to be moving anytime soon, so we hopped back in the car and backtracked to get onto Hwy 1... by the time we reached Hope we were already over 3hrs into our trip.

Finally at 5pm we arrived in sunny and hot Osoyoos, more than ready to put up our tent and go to the beach.  Turns out everyone and their dog also goes to Osoyoos on Canada Day long weekend.  We tried every single camp ground we could find with no luck.  A friendly parks officer said we could pay $30 to sleep at his site in our car if we wanted... it was actually tempting.  By this time it was 7pm and we were fading - 10 hours in the car is a long day!  We decided to make a final attempt to find a site, this time in nearby Oliver (20 min drive away).  Sometimes good things do come to those that wait - after some driving around we found a nice grassy peaceful campground, and we basically had a huge lawn all to ourselves.  We set up camp as the sun set and spent the evening relaxing in the warm evening air and doing some target practice with B's little pellet gun.

Next day - hello summer!  Cloudless blue sky, 19 degrees by 8am... oh yeah!  Since we were in Wine Country we started our day by driving to one of our favourite wine company's vineyard - the Burrowing Owl.  It's beautiful there - vineyards for miles with the craggy desert mountains in the background. We sampled some wine and then hopped on our bikes, destination Osoyoos.

We'd read about a nice easy trail that goes from Oliver to Osoyoos and figured that'd be a perfect way to make our way to the lake.  Attempt #1 - dead end after about 15 minutes.  We back tracked and tried again on the next little trail - dead end.  Attempt #3 - we decided to go on a back road this time.  It started out fine and after climbing a few hills and turning some corners we realized we were no longer going in the right direction.  Then a friendly and slightly innebriated man in a truck stopped to let us know the pavement was going to end soon and we'd be on gravel.  Ok, that's fine, we can handle some gravel.  We climbed some more, starting to doubt we were going the right way... after a while the man in the truck came back to tell us we if we were looking to go to the lake we should probably turn around and go back the way we came.  Apparently our road would eventually take us back to the highway, but we'd be back in Oliver and nowhere near Osoyoos lake.  Well that was it for our bike ride to the lake!  We turned around and headed back to the car... 2 hrs of riding was good enough, we were ready to just be at the lake.

We spent the rest of our day relaxing in the sun, people watching, eating cherries and having pit spitting competitions.  I don't think I've ever appreciated summer as much as I did that day!  Time flew by, and before we knew it the sun was setting and it was time to crawl back into the tent... and then time to leave already.  Short but summery sweet!  And waiting for us in Vancouver was my (big) little bro!  He's on a motorcycle trip from Edmonton, here to visit for a couple days. Yay! :)

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