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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pano Canada Cup and BC Provincial Championships

Well I have to say I was quite happy with how the final Canada Cup race in Pano went.  I'd made good use of the time we spent riding the park by taking things back to the basics, practicing some of those skills, and using the Go-Pro to analyze my riding a bit.  Bryden put on his coaching hat and helped me out - sometimes it really is surprising what the difference is between what you're doing and what you think you're doing...  I felt significantly better on my bike throughout practice and on race day.  The course itself was a ton of fun - a few changes from the weekend before gave the course way more flow and took out the mud bog and pedal section, and I wasn't sad to see them go.  I managed to keep my head up, my body low, and my tires on the ground for my entire race run and crossed the finish line with a clean run!  That gave me a 3rd place finish and was good enough to give me a 3rd place overall in the Canada Cup series.

Last weekend was the BC Provincial Championships held at Mt. Washington on Vancouver Island.  B is still recovering from a couple of broken digits so couldn't race but came along to be my awesome support and take some great photos.  It was a chilly, buggy weekend but the course made up for all of that.  It had a good mix of everything - it managed to be one of the more technical courses of the year which is right up my alley, the top section made it one of the more pedaly ones, and the bottom section was actually a 4x course so had some nice jumps to finish it off.

I did a bit more sessioning in practice than I usually do and less top to bottoms which helped me figure out some lines but didn't necessarily help me link it all up.  I felt great at the end of Saturday's practice but come Sunday morning I felt totally off in my practice runs... and that spilled right over into my race run.  I tried to put my head back into Saturday's mode but couldn't quite do it and ended up stopping twice and crashing once in my race run.  Sometimes you can tell the second you leave the gate that you're not quite on it, and that run was one of them.  But I finished the race injury free, bike intact, and still ended up 2nd place so I can't really complain.  It's all part of the learning process.  And other than the race run itself I had a great weekend - managed to visit some family and friends and ate some delicious food!

There's a couple of videos from the weekend on pinkbike which can be seen here.

Also just got some exciting news in the last week that I was selected onto the National Team this year to represent Canada at the World Championships in Switzerland.  Unfortunately I won't be able to make it but some of my fellow Canadian DH Girls will be there for me to cheer on - Miranda Miller, Claire Buchar, and Micayla Gatto.  Go girls go!!

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